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National University of Pharmacy is the oldest university in Ukraine (1805) with extensive experience in training pharmaceutical staff, the leader of pharmaceutical education, the ideologist of pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine.

Today National University of Pharmacy is a higher educational institution of the 4th  level of accreditation, a training, research and production complex.

Training of foreign citizens is carried out in the field of:

Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Technology of perfumery and cosmetics, Technology of pharmaceuticals, Laboratory diagnosis, Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

The University consists of 8 faculties, Institute of Advanced Training of  Pharmacy Specialists, National Pharmaceutical College. The University has a highly qualified teaching staff: 650 teachers, 120 of them are doctors of science, 490  associate professors, 1 academy member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 10 academy members and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 12 Honored Science and Technology Workers, 2 honored health workers, 1 Honored inventor of Ukraine, 4 Honored Workers of Pharmacy, 2 Distinguished Educators, 4 State Prize winners.

For outstanding contribution to the development of pharmaceutical science 33 university employees were awarded state awards of Ukraine.

Training of specialists is carried out in 6 program tracks and 14 majoring fields. Undergraduate training is carried out at preparatory faculty for foreign citizens.

The National University of Pharmacy has trained more than 40,000 pharmacists, cosmetologists, clinical pharmacists, engineers and 4000 Masters of Pharmacy for 80 countries of the world.

To date, the National University of Pharmacy enrolls more than 17,500 students, including 1,100 students from 20 foreign countries, which confirms its high international ranking.

The students of the university have a unique opportunity to get a second degree in medical and economic program tracks.

After obtaining the diploma the graduates can continue their education at the university through the system of postgraduate education in internship, postgraduate courses, doctoral studies.

National University of Pharmacy is ready to admit new students and always open for cooperation.

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