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Kharkiv National Medical University (K h N M U) is one of the leading educational institutions in ukraine , and  the first medical school in Ukraine. It was founded in 1805 as the Faculty of Medicine of Kharkiv Imperial University.

In 1992, by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, KhNMU received the highest level of accreditation, the 4th  category and fully justifies it today.

Training of foreign citizens in KhNMU is held in specialties General Medicine (6-year course of training) and Dentistry (5 years). The number of students in a group is 8 - 10. Training is conducted in the English and Russian languages.

During training, the students are taught basic medical subjects corresponding to their  majoring field. They participate in examination of patients, emergency care, work in x-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories. Kharkiv National Medical University is a University of  European level, providing training meeting the highest requirements.

Kharkiv National Medical University is a member of the International Association of Universities registered under UNESCO. KhNMU is added to the register of medical universities of the World Health Organization.

Kharkiv National Medical University enrolls more than 7,000 students, among them about 2,100 foreign nationals from 72 countries.

The staff of the University includes 1 full member and 4 corresponding members of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 15 Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 3 Honored Workers of Higher School of Ukraine, 13 Honored Doctors of Ukraine, 10 winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, 28 members of public academies of Ukraine, 28 employees are members of international medical associations. Its 67 departments have a high personnel potential of 129 doctors of science,  114 professors, 530 candidates of science,  262 associate professors. KhNMU has all conditions for training and all-round development of students. Students Scientific Society opens opportunities for research. Its  most active and talented  members receive recommendations for work in the field of research.

The University has a Youth League, a youth center and a national theater Dialogue, newsletter Medical University, University History Museum. Under the leadership of the department of physical education and health the students of the university participate in sports competitions at various levels and often win. The University is located in 6 teaching blocks where pre-clinical training of the students is accomplished. From the third year the students are trained at clinical sites including 40 clinical departments of the university located in the  health care settings. Diploma of KhNMU is prestigious and recognized in many countries.

Join in our big and happy family of  Kharkiv National Medical University!

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