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National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" (NTU "KPI") was founded in 1885. It has been accredited to the highest Level 4; it trains specialists in 107 majoring fields in daytime and correspondence courses.

In 2000, by the Presidential Decree the University was awarded the status of National higher educational institution of Ukraine.

In 2010, the National Technical University "KPI" was given the status of a self-governing (autonomous) research National University.

NTU "KPI" has 23 faculties for full-time education, center of distance learning, center for distance and pre-university training, center for training of international students, interdisciplinary institute for advanced skills development in new areas of science and technology, three research and design institutes.

NTU "KPI" also includes the Guards Red Star Order Military Training Faculty named after Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Machine Tool College (Kharkiv) and Poltava Polytechnic College.

Kharkiv Polytechnic University has a military department, which prepares students to 11 military specialties with assignment of the military rank of reserve lieutenant. Training at the military department is carried out on a contract basis. The training lasts 2 years, starting from the 3rd year.

The university has a two-level system to facilitate employment of graduates. The departments actively contact with the relevant companies, taking into account their needs. During the course of studies the students have field practice  at the companies in their field.

Today NTU "KPI" operates and develops, embodying the principles of Bologna Declaration (Charter of European Universities), which he joined in 2005.

It expands scientific, technical, educational and cultural relations with leading universities of the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Romania, China and Vietnam. Now the university trains students from 30 countries.

Kharkiv Polytechnic University has a modern material and technical base with developed infrastructure, which allows not only providing the educational process and research, but also solving social problems: providing students and teachers with housing, health promotion and treatment of the staff and students.

The University has 13 dormitories for 8000 beds, 7 blocks of flats, a university campus of 20 buildings in the center of Kharkiv, Palace of Students with dance and exhibition halls, a modern sports complex with two swimming pools and tennis courts, 14 gyms, fitness camp (on the River of Seversky Donets), a 100 bed hospital, a dining room for 1,700 seats, a modern 6-storey library of 2 million volumes with access to the Internet.






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