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Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy is a contemporary state institution of higher education of the highest in Ukraine accreditation level, which trains about 16 thousand students, of them 500  foreign citizens from 40 countries. In 2012, the university celebrated its 90th  anniversary.

The University trains specialists for municipal management, construction, transport, electricity, water and gas facilities, urban ecology, hotel and tourism, improvement of ecological purity of cities and towns. The students are trained in 24 majoring fields and 30 specializations. The term of study to have a bachelor's degree is 4 - 4.5 years and  master's degree 1 - 1.5 years, depending on the chosen specialty.

Kharkiv National University of Municipal Economy named after Beketov trains students at the  faculties of:

- Construction;

- Architecture;

- Economics and Business;

- Management;

- Engineering of Urban Ecology;

- Electricity and Lighting Cities;

- Transport Systems and Technologies;

- Center for Distance Learning;

- For Work with Foreign Students;

- Center for training and retraining;

- Center for Postgraduate Education and Distance Learning;

- Pre-University Training Centre.

The university maintains close scientific and business links with universities, academic and research institutions in 11 countries, among them France, Germany, USA, Finland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Holland, Israel, and others. The staff of the academy consists of  800 teachers, 70 professors and doctors of science, more than 300 candidates of science.

It offers students the library with approximately 882 thousand volumes, reading rooms, modern computer hall, Internet-center, dining rooms and cafes. Recreational facilities include a sanatorium for students and a large sports complex with spacious sports grounds and gyms. The student's polyclinic provides a highly qualified medical aid.

The university has 8 comfortable students' dormitories with the total number of beds 2080. The  hostel accommodation is  primarily provided to nonresident students and graduate students studying full-time.

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