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Medical education is a blend of a huge number of theoretical subjects and continuous practical training from orderly to doctor.

Training of students on a specialty General medicine lasts for 6 years. The number of students in a group is 12-15 people. Training is done in accordance with the national educational programs and curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

The curriculum includes two stages of undergraduate training: preclinical and clinical. Its structure is focused on the logical sequence of teaching disciplines composing the training cycles: humanities and socio-economic subjects; natural sciences; professional subjects.

During the course of training, the students are taught basic medical specialties. They participate in the examination of patients, emergency care, work in x-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories. A special place is occupied by daily rounds of patients, monitoring of patients, filling in case histories, followed by their analysis.

Six-year training in general medicine meets the requirements of Bologna system and amounts 10,800 academic hours. Of them:

• Humanities and socio-economic subjects - 765 academic hours

• Natural sciences – 2550 academic hours

• Professional subjects - 7200 academic hours

• Elective courses - 285 academic hours

• Practical training - 360 academic hours

• Physical training - 320 academic hours

The academic year at Kharkiv National Medical University consists of two terms. The students have vocations in winter for (two weeks) and in summer for (two months).