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Pharmacy is one of the oldest areas of human activity that began at the dawn of civilization to provide essential human needs - to be healthy. On the statue of the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom, who according to legend, described all known knowledge, including medical, it was written pharmaki, which means  I cure. It is from this root that the name of science and  manufacture of medicines,  Pharmacy, comes. It is not an overstatement to say that  pharmacy is one of the most fundamental and ancient areas of medicine. Outstanding  scientists of the world at different stages of  civilization development  dedicated their lives to search, study and production of drugs .

Now physicians have thousands of medicines, to which most of the diseases recede. Medications can dramatically change a person's life: create a preventive barrier for diseases,  provide psychological, emotional harmony with the environment,  give people a joyful feeling of fullness of life, ability to work, energy, joy and inspiration.

Ukrainian pharmacy has a long tradition. Even in the Soviet times, Ukraine was one of the so-called most pharmaceutical republics and held leading positions in all areas of pharmaceutical activity: in education, science, production of medicines, wholesale and pharmacy chain, quality assurance. The city of Kharkiv was deservedly considered  the pharmaceutical capital. After all,  the flagship of the country pharmaceutical education, National  University of Pharmacy, a network of the major manufacturers of medicines, research institutes, leading pharmacies and the first in Ukraine, the State Inspectorate for Quality Assurance  Control of Medicines were located here.

Pharmacists  are graduates of the specialty Pharmacy who can work in pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy database, storage, control and analytical laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, research institutions, clinical and diagnostic laboratories at health care facilities, chemical pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, microbiology, perfume and cosmetic industry, agro-industrial complex,  sanitary and epidemiological control, customs, economic and marketing structure of enterprises, in pharmaceutical business. This specialist has the greatest range of professional features and does not have problems with employment in any country of the world. Pharmacist is one of the most popular professions in the world, and well-deserved prestige of this profession, its nobility are supported by the entire international experience,  rapid development of pharmacy in the world and in Ukraine,  high concentration of investment in this industry, billions of profits of pharmaceutical companies. A significant number of administrative management positions in  pharmaceutical industry makes it possible to implement the most ambitious plans and meet any creative ambitions, provides opportunities for professional development of pharmacists

The graduates of educational medical and pharmaceutical institutions of levels 1-2 of accreditation have the opportunity to continue their education in pharmacy with accelerated course.

Pharmacist means a decent European wages, higher living standards,  the intellectual elite.

Being a pharmacist is to be a leader, a real master of his destiny!