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Beauty will save the world, and it is you who can to be the one who makes the world beautiful!

If you want to have a prestigious job and considerable income in future, if you want to be always a beautiful and healthy person and to make the world around you beautiful, to live a happy and eventful life, choose this specialty.

Beauty will save the world is an axiom, known to everyone, and it will be you, the future pharmacist-cosmetologist, who will present it to the world!


Cosmetology is one of the most profitable branches of modern industry. But, it needs educated and highly qualified specialists for its successful development. It is lack of well-trained specialists for all spheres of national perfumery and cosmetics  that is the topical problem  to be promptly solved. NationalUniversity of Pharmacy was the first in Ukraine to start training specialists in the area of technology of perfumery and cosmetics with qualification of pharmacist-cosmetologist.

Students are trained in accordance with modern curricula, up-to-date methodology, taking into account international experience and demands of the modern age. Basic pharmacist-cosmetologist training, alongside with subjects, typical for pharmacists, includes a range of professionally-oriented subjects, such as fundamentals of practical cosmetology, pharmaceutical technology of drugs and cosmetics, dermatology, clinical cosmetology, aromacology, technology of perfumery and cosmetics, fundamentals of phytocosmetics, fundamentals of cosmetic surgery, cosmetic chemistry, perfumery and cosmetic products standardization and quality control, etc.

Special attention is paid to practical training of students of Technology of perfumery and cosmetics. Taking into account the specificity of future professional activity of pharmacist-cosmetologist, practical training is carried out at Ukrainian and foreign perfumery and cosmetic companies, pharmacies, cosmetological clinics, best beauty salons of Ukraine and neighboring countries. During practical training the future specialists have can work under the supervision of experienced professionals: to design composition and technology of new cosmetic products of various product forms, to advise a rational curative cosmetics choice, to develop schemes of care for the  skin and skin appendages  using individual approach to the client’s needs, to conduct various cosmetic procedures, including those with the application of equipment for cosmetic skin defects treatment, etc.

Upon graduation from National University of Pharmacy with specialization in Technology of perfumery and cosmetics, the graduates are eligible to:

-         Work in beauty salons and cosmetological clinics;

-         Hold worthy positions in perfumery and cosmetic production enterprises, create skin care formulas, norms and specifications for perfumery and cosmetic products;

-         Advise on the issues of rational selection and application of therapeutic and cosmetic products in capacity of a pharmacist-cosmetologist;

-         Provide consultative assistance to customs control authorities in conducting expert examinations of perfumery and cosmetics quality and safety;

-         Carry out expert examinations in government institutions, dealing with perfumery and cosmetics import and manufacture control: sanitary-epidemiological control departments, standardization and certification authorities, perfumery and cosmetics quality control laboratories.


Do not miss your opportunity to become not only a necessary but also an indispensable specialist for modern society!


Make yourself and the world around you better! Provide decent life for yourself and for people in your life!