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Development of interaction between the physician, pharmacist and patient has facilitated the appearance of such specialty as clinical pharmacy.

In the USA and Canada the transfer of pharmacy into clinical basis started about 30 years ago. After that the process of clini9cal pharmacy development started in Europe (Germany, France, Poland).

In Ukraine vocational training in clinical pharmacy began in the National University of Pharmacy in 1999. Today the specialty Clinical pharmacist is included into the National Profession Classifier; the position of clinical pharmacist was certified by the order of Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine.

Main specialty development concept involves cooperation of pharmacist and physician and a more active role of the pharmacist in the process of treatment, not only to the extent of primary consultation while selling medications, but also involves taking responsibility for the quality and optimal results of treatment.  This concept of pharmaceutical assistance (pharmaceutical care), aimed at improvement of the treatment quality, covers  co-operation of physician and pharmacist to the full extent.

Pharmaceutical  care is understood as constant highly qualified consultation of patients on issues of rational medication usage, drug storage conditions, rational choice of dosage forms and drug intake regulations etc.

A clinical pharmacist is an expert, familiar with basic types of medical documentation, common syndromes and clinical symptoms and signs of human diseases, basic methods of clinical, laboratory and instrumental examination of patients, general principles of examination results interpreting, basic directions and principles of internal medicine.

A clinical pharmacist has systematic knowledge in clinical pharmacology, compatibility or incompatibility of medications in the course of complex therapy, techniques of drug effectiveness evaluation, methodology of prediction and prevention of possible adverse reactions of drugs or combinations as well as their possible correction techniques.


A clinical pharmacist can implement his knowledge in various areas of practice, thus  in pharmacies

a clinical pharmacist provides pharmaceutical care to patients (advice on drug administration, especially over-the-counter drugs, replacement with generics, selection of effective and cheaper analogues of expensive and original drugs). This kind of activity is one of the main activities of the clinical pharmacist.

The prototype of this expert is pharmacist informer; in medical institutions he is an adviser of the  physician for clinical pharmacotherapy providing an individual approach to the choice of the drug. Hospital  specialist is a specialist working in a multidisciplinary hospital and responsible for purchase of drugs based on the needs of the hospital, the specificity of the disease in the region, the patients, pharmacoeconomic principles. This clinical specialist justifies funding from the state budget to ensure the drug and insurance funds. All this is very important for  development of health insurance.

Each health facility with 300 beds, 25 doctors and outpatient service should have 1 position of a clinical pharmacist. A clinical pharmacist-technician can work in clinical and biochemical laboratories and carry out clinical and laboratory research; research medical and pharmaceutical institutions. Clinical pharmacist-researcher is actively involved in clinical testing of drugs, bioequivalence studies, conducting preclinical studies of new drugs. In pharmaceutical business a clinical pharmacist contributes to  drug advertising, marketing and pharmacoeconomic studies, laying the foundations of scientific advancement in the market of medicines of various pharmaceutical manufacturers.

A clinical pharmacist is a medical representative of pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. The need in of this kind of expert is connected with demands of modern pharmaceutical market and rampant development of national pharmaceutical industry.

Clinical pharmacist is the present and the future of pharmacy. His activity is inspired work for the sake of preservation of human health, increase of life expectancy and improvement of life quality.

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