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Creation of new high-quality and affordable medicines, food, environmental protection are the most pressing issues on a global scale, the solution of which is impossible without the use of biotechnology. Therefore, it is biotechnology that is one of the most promising professions of the 21st  century not only in Ukraine but all over the world. Biotechnology  is a branch of science that studies and develops methods for obtaining useful to humanity products with the use of  microorganisms, animal and plant cells. The first beginnings of biotechnology appeared when people began to use fermentation process for production of wine and baking. It was recognized  a separate branch of science biotechnology  the 20th  century.


Biotechnology enables production of medicines, foods, production of transgenic organisms, plants and animals, etc. Advances of biotechnology are used in almost all areas of science and technology, in fact it helps to create high-quality and inexpensive products. Currently, a significant contribution is made by biotechnology to health care. The possibility to obtain natural protein bio-regulators and biologically active substances, including rare and expensive, opens new perspectives in treatment of various diseases. It is biotechnology that develops  vaccines, in particular to combat such diseases as AIDS, hepatitis, malaria, and certain cancers. Today, drug companies spend about 20% of their budget on biotechnology research.

Since  2000 National University of Pharmacy provides training specialists in Biotechnology. Future biotechnologists learn to create medicines and produce products using microorganisms, plant and animal cells. The students will learn the secrets of cloning and transgenesis. The process of formation of the future specialist takes place not only in the classroom and laboratory, but also directly in the production conditions during general engineering and technological practice at  leading biotechnological enterprises of Ukraine (Indar, Farmak, Borschagivskiy CPP,  Bіolіk, SunInBev Ukraine, Wimm-Bill-Dan Ukraine, Artyomovsk Winery). After receiving a bachelor‘s qualification in Biotechnology (4 years of studies), the students can obtain a master's degree in pharmacy or industrial biotechnology (1.5 years of study).

Where and what positions can biotechnologist hold? The graduates with a degree in biotechnology work at many enterprises of pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and veterinary, processing industries and in agriculture. Their professional activities include:

• industrial and technological, organizational and managerial functions in the field of biotechnology products;

• development of new and improvement of existing processes;

• obtaining biotechnological products;

• selection and justification of new technological processes and modes of production;

• quality assurance;

• organization of engineering and logistics of the production in the new economy.

The graduates of  National University of Pharmacy in specialty Biotechnology are always in demand, because a biotechnologist is a specialist who has a broad outlook and expertise in the field of chemistry, genetics, microbiology, technology, microbiology, pharmacology, biochemistry and others.

Now biotechnologists are included in the top 10 professions that are most popular and promising both in Ukraine and abroad. To be a biotechnologist means to feel confidence in the future!