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1. Division of visa policy of Department of Consular Service of  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

Foreigners applying for a visa at the embassy, ​​should know the list of the required documents.


a) requirements for the passport:

- the documents should be owned by the applicant;

- be valid at least 3 months after the declared date of entry;

- have at least two empty pages;

- be issued no more than 10 years before the application.

b) to obtain a visa the following documents are submitted:

-  duly completed and signed visa application form;

- original invitation to study;

- valid passport;

- two photos measuring 3x4 cm;

- proof of payment of consular fee;

- valid health insurance policy (subject to the possibility of its registration in the country);

c) deadline:

- three months before the scheduled departure;

d) the terms of the decision:

- 15 calendar days;

- 30, if additional information is necessary.

e) visa-free countries:

- Russia;

- Belarus;

- Moldova;

- Georgia;

- Azerbaijan;

- Armenia;

- Uzbekistan.

2. Administration of the State Border Service of Ukraine.

a) For crossing the state border of Ukraine a foreigner must:

- have passport;

- have visa (if necessary);

- validate the purpose of the visit (destination and purpose, to present an invitation to study);

- not have a restriction on the entry of the relevant state bodies.