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Admission of foreign citizens to educational institutions of Ukraine is carried out in accordance with  "Regulation on Admission of Foreigners and Stateless Persons to Study in Higher Education Institutions", approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (05.08.1998 No.1238).

Invitations are issued from May 01 to October 31 of the year of entry for еру students entering the 1st year of the institution and until November 30 for those wishing to enter the preparatory department.

Citizens of the former USSR (namely the Republic of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan) enter Ukraine without visas; citizens of other countries have to get timely a visa in the Embassy of Ukraine and to come to submit documents to the selection committee of the desired school.

Admission process starts on August 20 and finishes on November 15 of the year of entry for those entering the 1st year. Applicants wishing to enter the preparatory department must arrive no later than 30 December of the year of entry.

It is advisable not to delay the arrival to the last day of the selection process, as a rule, the vacancies in educational institutions of Ukraine are filled in September and October.

The applicants supply the following documents:

- Invitation to the study;

- Passport and two copies of notarized translation into Ukrainian of the passport *;

- Birth certificate and notarized translation into Ukrainian of the certificate *;

- Certificate (diploma) of secondary education and certificate (diploma) supplement with the subjects taken and grades, and notarized translation into Ukrainian of the certificate (diploma) *;

- Medical certificate of health, certified by an official health authority of the country from which the foreigner has arrived, and issued no earlier than two months before the departure of the foreigner to study in Ukraine;

- Certificate of absence of HIV infection;

- 12 photos measuring 3x4 cm;

* If it is not possible to translate the documents into Ukrainian in the country of origin, we can help make it on arrival to Ukraine.

After submitting these documents and application for admission to the selection committee of the institution, the applicant is assigned the date of the interview (usually the same day).

The interview takes place in the form of tests in 2 subjects: Russian (Ukrainian) or English and one main subject (depending on the chosen majoring field).