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Poltava is a city in Ukraine, the administrative center of Poltava Region.

It is located in the north-eastern part of the country on the Dnieper lowland. It is situated  on the river Vorskla.

People first heard of this province in the 12th  century, but judging by the archeological excavations at the site of Poltava there was a settlement as long ago as in the 8th  century. From February 27, 1802 to June 3, 1925 it was the administrative center of the Poltava province.

As of 1 March 2015, the city's population was 287 674 permanent residents, while de facto population was 294 695 people.

In Poltava there are 6 state universities where the students from more than 60 countries are trained.

Poltava  is considered to be the cultural center of the north-eastern part of Ukraine. In recent years a lot has been done to develop tourism infrastructure, as well as the sphere of art. The city has about 40 institutions of culture and art, not the least of which are the theaters. Poltava puppet theater has the status of a regional theater, it is one of the major theaters of this genre in Ukraine. Poltava Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatr is also well known.

The area of the city is 112.52 sq. km.

The climate is temperate continental with cool winters and warm (sometimes torrid) summers. The average annual temperature is 7.6° C, it is the lowest in January (the average temperature in January is 6.6° C), the highest  in July (the average temperature in July is +18.7 ° C).